COVID19 Compliance & Safety Information

I’d like to welcome you back from the Summer break.  Although we would all wish that Covid-19 had gone away during the holiday weeks, it is unfortunately still here, and many countries are reporting an increase in cases.

Just as before the Summer holidays, BIFC has been closely monitoring the situation. Accordingly, attached you will find an important letter from John Griffin, BIFC Covid-19 Coordinator and Paul Lynch, BIFC President, together with the current BIFC Protection Concept, and the latest information from the FVNWS in German, and an English translation prepared by the BIFC.

Please read these carefully and contact me if you have any questions.

  1. Important Letter to Parents regarding Covid-19
  2. BIFC Protection Concept, 7 August 2020
  3. FVNWS Information Sheet (German)
  4. FVNWS Information Sheet (English Translation)

Many thanks for your continuing support and co-operation.

John Griffin
Club Compliance & Safety Coordinator

Questions regarding our COVID19 Compliance & Safety Approach?