FC Basel Frauen Trains BIFC

Today we had the special privilege to host four of the FC Basel Frauen players during our FF12 girls training. Yasmin Bunter, Daria Jermann, Camille Surdez and Sonja Merazguia led our players through an intense 1hr training followed by a Socially Distanced “Ice Cream Q&A.” As assistant coach to our FF12a team and for anyone who has coached 10-12 yr old girls in football you know that keeping the players complete attention during a 1hr training session can at times be challenging. The FC Basel Frauen had their full attention and dare I say admiration. It’s one thing to attend training twice a week and a weekend match week after week. It is entirely something different to attend a training with professional athletes that were once just like you, on the precipice of middle school, so many changes afoot and trying to put everything in its proper place.  

Upon arrival to the pitch our special guests were met with ear to ear smiles, giggles and authentic elation. Paul Sullivan our FF12a head Coach and Frauen Football Committee Chair had worked tirelessly on making this event happen so the momentum was already there. What we as a coaching staff did not anticipate was the truly harmonious environment that the pro players created. It was almost as if they had trained with our players before. Instructions were followed without question, drills executed with precision and the admiration continued throughout he entire session. It is no secret that Frauen Football here in Switzerland is not given the same focus as Mens Football and I truly think for these young players that attend sports clinics with the Pro mens teams, this is a huge miss.  

BIFC is looking forward to engaging with the FC Basel Frauen in conjunction with our other frauen teams and to continue exposing our frauen players to pro frauen players as they progress in the sport. When the team allows spectators later this season we look forward to attending a match so that our players can see the FC Basel Frauen in the zone, using the skills they imparted during the training, in a proper match. The match is where everything comes together and this experience will be where the lightbulb in our players minds will illuminate and potentially encourage them to pursue the sport at ta professional level. We are so grateful for the time and effort of the FB Basel Frauen and want to thank Yasmin, Daria, Camille and Sonja for taking time out of their busy lives to spend an evening with BIFC!