BIFC COVID-19 Update: 19th October 2020

BIFC recognizes the incredible value of team sport to the mental and physical well-being of our children. Please let’s work together to increase the likelihood training can continue to go ahead as we move indoor for the winter.

BIFC thanks all our players, supporters and coaches for their hard work so far this season to keep our community safe and healthy.

Masks must be worn: 

  1. On public transport
  2. At stations, tram and bus stops, and airports
  3. Shops, Post Offices, and Travel Offices
  4. Museums and Libraries, 
  5. Restaurants, Bars and Clubs
  6. Sports venues, entrance and changing rooms
  7. Cinemas, Theatres, and Concerthalls
  8. Doctors’ practices
  9. Religous Services 
  10. Public Administration Offices

Meetings and events 

Spontaneous meetings of more than 15 people in public space is forbidden. 

 For gatherings of friends and families 

  • Up to 15: Permitted without restrictions
  • 16 to 100:  Masks must be worn, Contact details must be collected, Food may only be eaten when seated. 
  • Above 100: Written Protection Concept required

Restaurants, Bars, Clubs and Dancing locations

Food and drink may only taken when seated (indoors and outdoors). 

Home office Recommendation: 

Binding recommendation:  Work from home office when possible.

 Ongoing measures:

  • Maintain 1.5m distance
  • Wash hands regularly and thoroughly

Posting on FVNWS Website:  18.10.2020

New Federal Council corona measures from 19 October 2020

In view of the sharp rise in the number of cases in connection with the coronavirus pandemic over the past two weeks, the Federal Council has decided to take urgent, nationwide measures. What does this mean for training and matches in regional football? Football can continue to be played under the existing and newly extended protective measures. Here are the most important points of the new regulations, which must be observed as of IMMEDIATELY:

– Sports facilities are subject to the general obligation to wear masks, which has been ordered by the Federal Council as of 19 October 2020. This means that all active users of sports facilities must also wear a mask in all situations in which they are not directly involved in sport. This also applies to the routes to and from the cloakrooms/showers.

– Spectator areas must be divided into sectors of 100 persons each – with a general obligation to wear masks at the same time. This applies in particular to standing room on balconies in front of club restaurants, as many clubs in our association area know them.

– Consumption in club restaurants is only allowed sitting down. The mask may only be taken off at the seat for eating and drinking. Furthermore, the regulations of the protection concept of the gastronomy apply

– We recommend to refrain from holding club meetings etc. in closed rooms for the time being (restriction of private events to 15 persons).

– The handshake (also fist-to-fist) is still to be avoided even within teams.

– Furthermore, hygiene measures (washing hands and disinfecting them regularly) and distance regulations (1.5 m outside the immediate sports area) must be observed.

We would like to thank all footballers and all those interested in regional football for taking the initiative and taking responsibility for their own actions, which will help to ensure that the spread of the virus can once again be effectively contained, thus making a substantial contribution to the functioning of our health system.