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Our Football Teams


Coach: Steve Ayling
Asst: Mike Relf
Mgr: Mike Relf

Coach: Luis Perez Lavatelli
Asst: Javier Boix
Mgr: Annie Tamura

Coach: Christos Dimitrekopoulos
Asst: Mohamed Esa
Kate Gisborne


Coach: Amanda Arena
Asst: Rahul D’Souza
Mgr: Steffie Koukla

Coach: Sergio Garrido
Asst: Iqbal Mufti
Asst: Riaz Umar
Mgr: Johanna Lindström

Coach: Srayanta “Rishi” Muherjee
Asst: Guilhem DuPont
Mgr: Guilhem DuPont

Coach: Laura Zerweck
Asst: William Beardman
Mgr: Dana Roelofs

Coach: Alex Arnstein
Asst: Wilson Lopes
Asst: Atra Setiadarma
Mgr: Jeremy Bolton

Coach: Stephan Huber
Asst: Stephanie Louie
Mgr: Rolf Eliander

Coach: Pedro Barreiros
Asst: Vangelis Oikonomou
Mgr: Paula Gomes

Coach: Jeff Rea
Asst: Paul Tester
Asst: Filip de Loecker
Asst: Helio Fujita                                     Mgr: Anja Tester


Coach: Jeff Rea
Asst: Paul Tester
Asst: Filip de Loecker
Asst: Helio Fujita                                     Mgr: Anja Tester

Coach: Brian Grisetti
Asst: Nicole Bolton
Mgr: Anne Moroz

Coach: Denis Sasse
Asst: Michael Kloss
Mgr: Anna Kloss

Coach: Luke Clark
Mgr: Jeff Zerweck

from your pocket to the pitch

Team App Keeps Us Connected

With a membership of over 150 Team App allows us to mange trainings and matches digitally and enables our members to coordinate their young athletes involvement from the palm of their hand.

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The Benefits of Playing Sports Aren’t Just Physical!

The Benefits of Playing Sports Aren’t Just Physical!

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BIFC COVID-19 Update: 19th October 2020

BIFC COVID-19 Update: 19th October 2020

BIFC recognizes the incredible value of team sport to the mental and physical well-being of our children. Please let’s work…

a club for all

Our Club Philosophy

BIFC is committed to providing all our players a fair chance to develop their football by training, learning and playing competitive football in a very fair and open way.

What Members Say

"We have been involved in BIFC for over 3 years seeing the club expand at an incredible rate over this period. What is best about the club is that has remained true to its mission - providing an opportunity for all to play football and whilst teaching the kids what it takes to be an elite player - both technically and in terms of attitude and work ethic"

Christopher W.

"I have joined bifc because of the diverse people who create it. I believe that our club gives everybody a unique opportunity to make their dreams come true. It is a perfect balance of mental and physical fitness."

Daniel B.

"I’m on the board of BIFC since two years now going into my third year. Not only have my 3 kids found a place to play football with their friends and develop their skills and passion, I’m also super happy to be part of the BIFC family. We’re a great group of families and it’s a joy to see all the kids on the pitch and to follow their development over the years! Go BIFC!!"

Sarah R.

BIFC youtube channel

Club Video Showcase

BIFC has worked hard to meet the challenges presented to sports players and clubs around the world in 2020. BIFC coaches have provided Safe Training sessions to keep our players in optimal condition, in line with our commitment to training both on and off the field. We invite you to explore our training videos.

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